About the Lipan Apache Tribe Cemetery Association

The main purpose of the Tribe's Cemetery Assoication is to maintain, restore, and preserve our Tribe's historic cemeteries in the state of Texas. Further, this association will work to aquire for the Tribe the legal title to the physical property of such cemeteries or burial grounds.

The list below is not meant to represent all burial grounds of the Lipan Apache Tribe.

El Cemeterio de los Lipanes, Presidio, TX

Date                   Event/News
Feb-Apr 2023 Construction of the inner protective walls in phase 1 (identified as walls 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, and 11) of the MASS Group design for the protective structure starts in February and is completed by mid-April. The next phase is speculated to start in June with the intent to complete the entire structure by December 2023. View Update Video
Dec 2022 Start of the wall construction is delayed until 2023.    Read More
Dec 2021 The Lipan Apache Tribe partner with Big Bend Conservation Alliance (BBCA) on a project to construct a protective wall for the cemetery. BBCA determines that they will raise 75% of the necessary funds for the construction and the Tribe will raise the remaining 25%. BBCA estimates the cost for the project to be $120,000 and develops a timeline for the wall construction and its completion. Fundraising for the 120K takes place between January 2022 and the end of May 2022.
Nov 2, 2021 The City of Presidio, TX, and County of Presidio donate El Cementerio de los Lipanes to the Lipan Apache Tribe (of Texas). Presidio Mayor John Ferguson and Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara sign the deed over to the Tribe, confirming the donation of the sacred site to the Tribe.    Read More
Feb 25, 2017 Local Presidio leaders and the Lipan Apache Tribe (of Texas) hold a ceremony to publically recognize El Cementerio de los Lipanes' historical and cultural significance in the community and to acknowledge the need to build a protective fence around the site.     Read More
Aug 19, 2015 El Cemeterio de los Lipanes, a historic Lipan burial site that was designated a State Archeological Landmark in 2014, still stands unprotected and at risk of being overrun by encroaching urbanization.     Read More
Nov 2014 Locally known as El Cemeterio de los Lipanes or El Cementerio del Barrio de los Lipanes (that is, El Cementerio de los Lipanes en el Barrio de los Lipanes) the remaining small portion of a Lipan Apache burial ground believed to have originated in the Protohistoric or Early Historic period is designated a State Archeologicl Landmark (SAL).     Read More

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