Before You Take A Picture...

Pictures are welcomed, but out of respect for our dancers, please ask their permission before you take a picture of a dancer and do not be offened if a dancer refuses to allow his or her picture taken. In 2006, the U.S. government sent a Department of Interior agent to come and take pictures of our dancers. He acted as a tourist, maybe just like you, but then used the pictures to harass our dancers. He took 42 of our Eagle feather which were later returned, but only after a lawsuit by Robert Soto which led to a 10-year battle through the federal courts. Therefore, some of our dancers may not feel comfortable giving you permission to take their pictures because of what the agent did. We ask for your understanding. Also, we ask for and appreciate your support that all Native people will for once and for all be freed from the fear of harassment by the U.S. government.

Pow Wow Etiquette for Spectators

◈Enjoy yourself as you watch the dancers.

◈Do not touch the dancers and their outfits. Not only are the feathers fragile; to some, they are sacred. Also, often, these handmade outfits can cost thousands of dollars

◈The dancing arena and its benches are reserved for the dancers. We ask that you do not enter the circle unless you are invited to do so. Do come to the dance floor if you are invited to dance during an intertribal and when it is announced as proper to do so.

◈If you want to take photographs or videotape, please ask permission from that person (see section "Before You Take A Picture").

◈Don't take picatures during competition or when asked not to. Occasionally, there are special or sacred moments when photography is not allowed.

◈Do not smoke in the arena. Also, no Alcohol or drug use is allowed or tolerated.

◈Do be respectful of the American Indian traditions and stand when asked to do so by the announcer.

◈From time to time, you will notice that there is a call for a special "blanket dance." This is a pow wow tradition in which the audience is invited to show its appreciated for the hosts, drum, or a person being honored. A donation of money dropped on the blanket is appreciated.

◈Please try and pick up your own trash and through in the trash bins located throughout the pow wow arena.

◈Do support the vendors; ask them questions and purchase their goods.

◈Above all, enjoy and have fun while remaining respectful.