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The Light Gray People

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A Tribute to
Nancy McGown Minor

    The Tribe honors the memory of Nancy McGown Minor. We will forever be grateful for her selfless dedication and contributions
to the Tribe as our friend and tribe historian.
    Read Nancy's Books & other books we recommend-- Here

Texas Historical Foundation Grant

The Texas Historical Foundation has gifted the Tribe $5000 to be used for building the interpretive signage (est. cost $12,000) that will be displayed outside the protective wall at our Presidio sacred burial grounds. Thank you, THF!

Consider supporting or joining THF to help with their important historical preservation work at: Texas Historical Foundation-How to Give.

Message on Covid-19

   We urge our members to be prudent and continue to take this virus seriously. Our population continues to be vunerable; too many of our tribe members have died of the disease into 2022.

   GET VACCINATED and BOOSTERED. With or without vaccination,
--wear your mask at large gatherings (even without mask mandates),
--wash your hands often,
--stay socially distant if
   unsure that the person
   next to you is vaccinated.

   We need to use wisdom in our choices.

2022 Tribal Council Meetings & PowWow

  Feb 19...Council Only
  Mar 5...Spring Pow-Wow
      Take Covid-19 protections
  May 14...Council Only
  Aug 13...Council Only
  Oct 22...Fall Pow-Wow
      Take Covid-19 protections
  Dec 3...Council Only

Council meetings will be closed to the public due to continued infections and deaths of Covid19 within Tribe. Meeting dates are tentative up to two weeks before meeting.

Tribal Council Guidelines for Public Input

Individuals desiring to make a comment at one of the Tribal Council meetings must follow a set of guidelines...

Read More Meeting Guidelines
Silent Auction
Fundraiser Oct 2022
Item Donation Request

   Our next Silent Auction Fundraiser will be from Oct 21 to Nov 4, 2022. We will be fundraising for the total cost of the Tribe's Spring Nde Daa Homecoming Pow Wow estimated to cost $10,000. We are currently looking for donations of items to auction. If you can help, read more about it here:

Read More Silent Auction

Darcie Little Badger
Lipan Apache Writer Wins 2021 Newberry Honor

   Lipan Apache tribe member, author Darcie Little Badger, is the winner of a 2021 Newberry Honor for her book A Snake Falls to Earth, first time awarded to a Native writer. A Snake Falls to Earth is also a 2022 Nebulla Winner (most presticious sci-fi writers award), a British Sci-Fi Award Finalist, and is in the National Book Award's long-list. Well done, Darcie. We are proud of your hard work.

Your can follow Darcie on Instagram at @dr.littlebadger.

2019 HCR 171 & SCR 61 Resolutions Tribe Recognition

   The 2019 Texas 86th Congress once again recognizes the Lipan Apache Tribe, this time with honors House Resolution 171 and the companion bill Senate Resolution 61. Each bill was signed by the House, Senate, and Governor Abbott.
   Thank you, Representatives V. Neave (Dallas), L. Pacheco (San Antonio), and A. Herrero (Corpus Christi); Senators R. West (Dallas) and J. Hinojosa (McAllen); and Gov. G. Abbott!

   Read these powerful resolutions:

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Thank You!
Donation Campaign Success

Both BBCA and the Tribe have successfully fundraised the $120,000 that we needed to build the protective wall around our endangered burial ground in Presidio, TX. We had a June 1st 2022 deadline, when construction is scheduled to start, to get the funds and we did it with your help--tribe members and friends. We could not have done it without you!

We will continue to fundraise for the perpetual care of the structure and the site.

City & County of Presidio Transfer Sacred Grounds to Tribe

   In Fall 2021, El Cementerio de los Lipanes, a small portion of sacred burial grounds located within Presidio, TX, was donated by the City of Presidio and the County of Presidio to our Lipan Apache Tribe.

Read more about this very important event in our tribe's history...

El Cementerio del Barrio de los Lipanes in Presidio, TX, Transferred to Tribe

The Story of
Kasetta & Jack

   The story of Kesetta and Jack reveals the personal suffering endured by Lipan families who were targeted, month after month, by troop commanders who had, just a decade earlier, fought in some of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War and....

Read More Kasetta & Jack

Tribal Council's Statement
on the Publication of the
The Lost Ones

   We are aware of Michaela MacColl's book, THE LOST ONES, and want to express our grave concern that, with this story, MacColl is violating our traditional ways by speaking of those who have passed on....
Read More Tribe's Statement
Recruiting Badger Runners

   We are recruiting long-distance runners for the Annual Badger Run on Oct 29, 2022, which this year will commence our October 2022 Pow-Wow. This run celebrates our tribe's emergence story and honors our Sacred History of many long-distance runners and ceremonial respect for the eagle.

   Runners must be able to:
--run at least 8K/5mi w/o stopping,
--run a 10 min/mile
   or faster.

   Runners should live close to the McAllen area or be able to travel to the area without problems for practice runs. If interested, contact Councilman Robert Soto.

The Badger Run

   The Badger Run is the tribe's annual ceremonial run that normally starts our Tribes annual Nde Daa Homecoming Pow-Wow in March, but sometimes our Fall Dak' Éé Sí Pow-Wow in October. Read more about the Badger Run...

Read More Badger Run

To Order the
Lipan Apache Tribe's Flag

   The Lipan Apache Tribe's flag is made by TME Co., Inc., in Rhode Island. You can order the flag directly from our Flag maker by ....

Read More Tribe's Flag Order

Council Notice on Native

   As a voting tribal member of NCAI, the Lipan Apache Tribe supports the work and purpose of this great organization and endorses the various NCAI resolutions on Native logos, organization names, and mascots....

Read More Pow Wow

On Membership Enrollment

Enrollment is CLOSED for an indefinite period of time. Please DO NOT ask for an enrollment application. Should we ever start accepting member applications, the news and instructions will be posted on this website.

    ID Card
Applying for Membership or Tribal ID Cards

Only enrolled tribe members may apply for an ID card and you must have your assigned tribal identification number. If you are NOT A REGISTERED-ENROLLED MEMBER, you CANNOT order an ID card.

To request an application for your first ID card, email your name, ID number, current home address, phone number, and preferred email address to: . To request a replacement or renewal card, verify/update your current contact information (ID number, home address, phone, email) at and request a renewal-replacement card application.

    Member Certificate
Requesting a Member Certificate

Only enrolled tribe members may request a member certificate. To request the free member certificate, email your name, ID number, current home address, and phone number to and state that you want a member certificate.

The Tribe's linguist, David Gohre, has created a website that is dedicated to the revitalization of the Lipan Apache Language. Read about the History of the Lipan language and learn a few basic words and phrases....Cont'd

    Not the Band
Our Proclamation on Sacred Ceremonies clearly states that "We would like to make it known that The Lipan Apache Tribe which is also known as the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas is not in any way associated with or part of the organization the Lipan Apache Band of Texas....Cont'd

    Contact Info Updates
To Report a Change of Contact Information:

It is required that our members have up-to-date contact information. If your name, E-mail, home address, or phone number changes; notify us by emailing your new information to . You may also call our Office phone number. Leave a call back phone number should you have to leave a message. Also, whether using email or phone, please identify yourself by using your full name and member ID number.


In 2010, Adriel Arocha and his parents won a significant legal victory which will affect all Native American school children in Texas. Adriel's victory is also a victory for the Lipan Apache Tribe, since it validates the fact that we are a legitimate American Indian tribe with members who practice traditional beliefs. We are very, very proud of Adriel, who stood up for his Lipan heritage and his rights as a Native American....Cont'd

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