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Raquel Monday
Author, Poet, Freelance Visual Artist of Art

"Copyright Advice"

Dear Tribal Members:

I urge all to PLEASE protect your rights to WHAT and with WHOM you share your precious oral history, family photos, and priceless artifacts....DO NOT BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF...


(1) Oral Family History: Write it down, copyright it and/or have it notarized ASAP! (time is of the essence on copyrighting material) and make several copies.

(2) Written History, Land Deeds etc., copyright and/or notarize it ASAP!

(3) Family photos: write on the backs of them "Copyright Protected 2013 by______________ (your family's name or your name goes here) All Rights Reserved. No reproduction, duplication, or similarity thereof of this image may be used without expressed written consent from___________(your family's name or your name goes here)"

(4) Artifacts: Place a mark on it known only to you or your TRUSTED family members on each artifact and take photos of each artifact showing different views and showing this mark. Then copyright it on the back of each photo. Keep the photos in a separate and safe place from the actual Artifact. Should it ever get stolen or taken by someone, you have proof that it belongs to your family or to you by providing a photo.

(5) limit the photos you put online and if you do, add the copyright words above to that photo (s).

---Without your expressed and/or written consent on something that is copyrighted, constitutes 'copyright infringement' and they can be subject to a lawsuit by you or your family.

Thank you,

Raquel Monday

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